Rellik is situated at the foot of Trellick Tower on Golborne Road, just next to Portobello Road. Opened in December 1999, by three partners, Fiona Stuart, Claire Stansfield and Steven Phillip, who all met previously while running their own successful Market stalls on Portobello Road. Rellik is a unique and independently owned vintage boutique stocking women’s clothing and accessories ranging in style and content from the 1930’s to selective pieces from the present day. Designers include Vivienne Westwood, Alaia, Bill Gibb, Comme des Garçons, Pierre Cardin…

As with all of the people in my business, I started from a different place to find my passion for vintage clothing. It was literally found searching through piles of beautiful clothes and accessories with my most exciting and adventurous customers in mind. “Vintage” clothing offers something special, something different, the history of each piece is fascinating often with a tale to tell and the immaculate production methods lost. The fabrics and textures are always unique often transcending fashion, they are timeless… READ MORE

From a background where my grandma made our clothes and my teenage years spend wearing clothes recreated from magazines by the local seamstress, it’s no surprise I grew up avoiding the mass production of the high street and instead rummaged around jumble sales, antique markets and charity shops… To me style is about personalising your own identity. To be indidivual but not obvious is the perfect combination and with vintage clothing you can experiment with decades of inspiration and create a unique style… READ MORE

Growing up in Dundee, in the early 70’s I was into Bowie, Bolan and Roxy Music – but it wasn’t just about the music…….I fell in love with the whole package. These glamorous, androgynous, moviestar personas were as exciting and inspirational as any record I owned. My extensive knowledge and love of fashion developed out of my consuming passion for ‘street style’ and ‘attitude’. From the rebellion of Punk to the theatre of New Romantics through to Hip Hop and House and all the music… READ MORE

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